About us

“We love the calmness of the night, having a good cup of coffee and working on your photos until they are perfect.”

Nightowls studio is a retouching agency founded in 2020 by two friends and photographers. Originally from Bavaria, Nadja and Elena studied for their MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art in London. After more than 10 years of retouching experience in fashion, lifestyle and fine art, their love for the photographic image has led them to share their vision through their own retouching studio.

Our Vision

Hailing from a fashion and fine art photography background, we combine industry knowledge with a keen eye for detail and composition. We know the importance of post-production in every field of photography and specialise in natural appearance and non-destructive techniques.
With four trained eyes, we know exactly what improvements an image needs to reach its full potential, so we can complete the photographer’s vision while respecting the original work. Our service is individually tailored to every photographer’s specific style and needs, and we are happy to provide recommendations as well as to follow your guidelines. We pride ourselves in working to the highest technical and aesthetic standards and with absolute reliability.


Vogue | Elle | S. Oliver | Hallhuber | Freundin | My Theresa | House of Fraser | Pipe Magazine | Toni Fashion | Freeform / ABC Studios | Annabelle Magazine | Jolie | Affordable Art Fair | Valerien Werbung | YCCP | Bettenried | San Francisco Coffee Company |  Weyhe